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so ive been pretty actively avoiding reality lately. it all began innocently enough, shortly before thanksgiving, reading lotr: the two towers before the movie came out. (i have yet to see it - *slack*). things took a turn towards the holidays when i was blue and sick. bl3h. so, i thought i'd list the books ive read in the last couple of months.

naturally, next came lotr: the return of the king. its great writing, but i've since found my fantasy pref. in gay fantasy. (not to undervalue the relationship between frodo and samwise)

then was 1984 - an appropriate enough guide for the times i find myself living in.

next, was the last herald-mage series by mercedes lakey (magics pawn, magics promise, and magics price). its a great fantasy series following vanyel through his life as he eventually becomes the last herald-mage (a peacekeeper of sorts with magical ability), intertwined with a beautiful tragic love story. its very expressive writing and left me wanting to check out more by the same author (after i dried my eyes and let it settle).

meh - on wings of song - its hailed as a great book, set in the future in the repressive isolationist state of iowa. daniel only wants to fly but lacks the conviction to sign to make it happen.

then i found the nightrunner series by lynn flewelling (luck in the shadows, stalking darkness, and traitors moon). excellent fantasy with a gay hints at the beginning and a full on love story that gets going towards the end of second book. her writing lacks some of the descriptiveness of lackey, but its still great. the plot is left open with plenty of loose ends for another two books.

most recently, i finished chrome - from the back of the book: chrome and vortex are in love, one is a robot. need i say more?

a common thread among a number of these books is the super-long life/immortality of the principal characters. definitely something thats been on my mind lately as i hurtle towards the big 25 (and death!), away from the prime of my life.
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