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not completely over the sickies so i had a chill weekend.

yesterday, i avoided my roommate by way of my room. he lazed on the couch most of the day. i finished reading on wings of song - more gay fiction. i also had a chance to pick up my room a bit.

today i woke, early, with a sinus headache. i was going to meet a friend downtown but decided to go for a walk to clear my head. when that didn't work, i headed north and scored some allergy-sinus-headache tabs that cleared me up. sola called to stand me up and i wound up in the bookstore for a couple of hours looking at cook books, then wondered around filenes. i headed back here and found my roommate sprawled on the couch, basking in the filth. i went to the harvest to get something for dinner. i ran into dumblond and he totally disappeared before i could say hi - slack! when i got back, i started cleaning the kitchen, hoping that austin would help. nope, he took off. cinderella stayed home and cleaned the ugly roommates mess and prince charming didnt come to my rescue. *pout* but, i cooked some awesome pork chops with bacon (supa-pork) and green beans sauted with tomatoes. and after filling up the dish rack four times, i've finished almost all the dishes. (nothing and i mean not-a-thing was clean)

what about the resolutions, you ask:
  • find a cleaner/gayer roommate
  • start cooking something other than pasta for myself again - cooking is one of those things that seems to center me AND it doesnt hurt to eat right, either.
  • work out a couple times a week
  • um, get laid more =)
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