ray (rayslinky) wrote,

on my quest for some ethnic food, i came across the traditional polish xmas eve feast:
    Supper started with a choice of a mushroom soup, red beet soup (barszcz) with little dumplings (uszka), or almond soup. Next came sauerkraut with mushrooms, pierogi with different kinds of filling, potatoes, and noodles with poppy seed. Then several kinds of fish prepared differently – marinated, fried, or broiled - were brought to the table. Dessert consisted of poppy seed with honey, nuts and raisins, fruit compote, and gingerbread cookies or cakes; as well as famous krupnik – holiday brandy made out of honey, spices, and alcohol.
sauerkraut with mushrooms? crazy poles! makes me kinda glad we celebrated a traditional mexican xmas, with tamales, when i was growing up.
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