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saturday, what saturday?
i went to sleep when i got home saturday without setting an alarm. i slept in... woke up right after midnight. *grumbles* so much for my saturday. so, i lazed around and read a few chapters of LOTR: The Return Of The King and zonked out again.

sunday, its all about me
on my way out yesterday, i thought "wow, its warm out today" - yes, it was right above freezing. i just may be getting used to this weather! i got a newspaper and read it over coffee and breakfast. annz joined me after some time. she had to do xmas shopping. i thought maybe i'd do a little of that too. i wound up buying myself a sweater, a book, and a scarf AND in the midst, deciding that its going to be a buy nothing holiday season. so, all ye friends, you are relieved of gift obligations, just dont be expecting anything! ;-P we ran into cracker and erin on the way to find food. weird exchange, as always, sometimes i feel like im not "indy" or "hip" enough to stand in their presence. oh well. ff> we had yummy mexican at casa mexico and then rolled our fat selves home.

Temp: 11 F
Windchill: -5 F
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