ray (rayslinky) wrote,

where to start? what to say about my vacation? i havent posted in days!

thanksgiving day was pretty laid back once i got to texas, flying suxOrs. my mom acosted me at the airport in typical ADHD style. once she calmed down a bit and realised that we had a few days together, it was good to see her.

saturday, i snuck off to austin to visit geeklet - we stuffed ourselves on a late lunch and ice cream (mmm amys!) and then hung at her house and chatted. later, i met up with ryan. we spent a good hour talking on the fone the previous day, but when i first saw him, there was this weirdness in the air. he cooked dinner and we worked on a bottle of wine. eventually we both loosened up and it was all good. we were up way too late for me having to be back in s.a. by 10, but hey whadayado? =) im really glad i got to see him but was sad to leave that morning.

sunday was all about family. after i picked up my mom and some caffeine for my *slight* hangover, we made for my grandmas house. my grandmas brother (think boomhauer from "king of the hill"), his wife, one of their daughters, her son, and his step cousin were already there, with my grandmas boyfriend (a weirdly wreched old kodger). my aunt karen and cousins jeannie and patricia were also there, though i didnt recognize patricia until much later cuz shes grown a good foot (to about 6'! @ age 14) since the last time i saw her. the talk was boring me and i was still somewhat nauseated. but my aunt/uncle jen and vincent showed up with my cousins josh and dakota AND some jack hard colas. things were looking up. by 12:30 i had a good buzz on and was dealing pretty well with the family politics. my cousin josh (my favourite) is even cooler than the last time i saw him and rather well adjusted considering our family. the afternoon moved along with lunch, i ate with all my cousins and my aunts and mom joined us. jen was teasing josh (her son) and i realised that theirs is turning from a parental relationship into a friendship, something that my other cousins and i seem to be lacking. after the feast, we sat around a little longer and then people started to split. jen/vincent and i agreed to leave together so we wouldnt be hanging. after my cousin josh left, it was just us and my grandma. my mom had been bugging me to leave for a good half hour but we all decided to go back for one more beer. it was cool, i got to catch up with them and my grandma, who had been kinda bitchy to them all day. we took off after a couple more drinks and i was ready for a nap. the evening was uneventful, my mom went to a birthday party for one of her friends. i think she was kinda disappointed that i didnt want to go. *oh well*

i had several conversations over the course of the weekend with my mom and i was worried that i had hurt her feelings, but i felt that if i didnt have them, id be betraying my feelings and i think it turned out ok. im not sure how much good they did, but i got what i needed off my chest, especially concerning expectations and parents vs. friends.

yesterday, my mom woke me before dawn (ick!) and we did breakfast and talked a while. i helped her with some errands and then we lunched before she dropped me off at the airport. once i got to atlanta, i had a "seat request" boarding card which apparently doesnt guarantee a seat. i got bumped from the flight and wound up spending the night there. apparently the flight was overbooked by 20-something people and there were 48 on standby! ... this really cute gay couple, terry and frank, also got bumped and we wound up at the same hotel so we went for drinks-which we billed to the room, thanks delta. they were coming back from visiting franks family in arkansas, and terry was from sa. good drinks, good conversation. i was ready to pass out by 1130.

today was a breeze at the airport. i got in around 230 and went to lunch with annz after arranging her travel for xmas. after lunch (around 430), i was still dragging my luggage around with me and we were getting back on the t, but people werent moving into the car (this has got to be my biggest pet peeve with t riders, besides general apathy to "walk left, stand right" escalator etiquette). i threw my bag on the floor and started kicking it and pushing people into the car. oops, im being a rude t rider - oh well, im fucking home!

i got about 3 hours of sleep this afternoon and will probably be ret to crash in a bit. the last thing i wanted to do this eve was come here. blah.

aia, im glad i got a vacation and to visit some of the people i love.
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