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its been a nice rainy couple of days.

i had a hangover yesterday. not pretty. i missed seeing minnow off. i did laundry in the afternoon and watched a few hours of gay weddings on bravo. i napped in the evening and then watched wild reeds.

i had weird dreams last night. one involved a grand old house, probably built in the early nineteenth century. the bizarre thing about it was that each floor was half open, looking down at the bottom floor, sort of like a loft. except, there wasnt railings or a 1/2 wall to keep you from falling down. as a second part of this dream (or possibly another dream) there was a hot guy outside working on cars. when i made it outside to talk to him, i actually wound up near a fenced in area for car storage. i picked the lock and we were on our way to recover my illegally towed car when security shows up and i wake up.

another weird aspect to this dream is that i have had both parts before, though im not sure they go together. i know i had another weird one after that, but i didnt write it down and am now at a loss.
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