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i went to the ARRPAC green line restoration meeting last night. a bunch of old/hippish folks and some suits make up the committee, i wonder how many of them actually intend to ride the line once its up and running.

the first hour was spent talking about the 1/2 mile stretch between forest hills station and the monument. people arguing for more (!!!) stops [one infront of each and every persons door]. the second was for the rest of the corridor to heath street (about 2 miles).

at one point one of the mbta suits ranted something to the effect of "you people are the ones that wrote the letters saying you wanted this." it was ridiculous, but the next one is sort of important. they'll be talking about facilities. if they mimic what they are doing with the rest of the e-line, the "shelters" will be useless. "shelter"=one wall with a 4 foot slanted roof about 12 feet up. perfect if rain is falling lightly without wind, otherwise its your typical mbta solution.

the arrpac page was good for a laugh - it has a picture the type 8 trolleys that kept derailing (orig. intro'd 1999) and were pulled from service. maybe by the time this project is complete, they'll have figured out how to run them without taking out 400 feet worth of catenary and endangering peoples lives.
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