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hodgepodge: tonight, erection 2002/4, and a qotd

another night alone at work. i actually prefer it this way - sure, its a bit more work (like an hour) but i dont have to deal with the strange personalities of my coworkers.

i spent an hour updating my netflix queue. those interested, can view it here.

on politics: fucking scary: "my" country shifted further right today. yay! this makes me wonder-in two years, will the democrats (read centerists) shift further right to appeal to the "mainstream," allowing the republicans to in turn shift further right? my hope is that this is what the country needs to allow progressive third party candidates to get elected. realistically, i realize that americans are tied to the republicrats and were basically fucked. but hey, that means the rest of the world is fucked too! i think im going to move to canada in the meantime. one peice of good news, the non-binding ballot question on making marijuana possession a civil rather than criminal offense looks like it passed in most, if not all 19 state house districts it was up in.

quote of the day: "my parents weren't really the parenting type" -from chat
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