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date:sun, 24 apr 2005 19.04
subject:good governance link

idaho hcr 29 -- recognizing napoleon dynamite

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date:thu, 21 apr 2005 10.45

just got to work and am looking for the bodequa (sp?) song. anyone have any ideas on the group or the title or even how to spell that word?

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date:wed, 20 apr 2005 22.32

here's a link to the few pix i took... double-a has more.

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date:tue, 19 apr 2005 23.44

home. sad. mexico was a blast, details and pictures will surely follow.

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date:mon, 18 apr 2005 06.56

still sick, matters not
last night, sweet club on the beach
fire performers, too

98#3 needs a party with fire

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date:sat, 16 apr 2005 17.52

pretty mexico
lots of sun, beach, booze, hot boys
i'm not coming home

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date:wed, 06 apr 2005 22.53

not that you didn't already know it: republicans are terrorists


date:wed, 06 apr 2005 22.48

its been a week of mondays at work, and tomorrow shouldn't be any different. i talked to eric today and he'll be there -- ready to suck my day away. bleh.

in other news, jenny is moving in, i think this weekend! =) so, we'll prolly have a small bbq on sunday.


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