ray (rayslinky) wrote,

let me start with things im thankful for:
understanding friends
my adorable fuzzy kitty gato

come ride the roller coaster that is rays emotional state! yeah, so im feeling a little better than i was earlier. less assy, anyway. im *somewhat* looking forward to the weekend for the good rx-drugs. AND sleeping a lot AND lots of movies AND some cowboy bebop.

i really dont want to be at work right now, but hey whats new? i got a reply card in the mail from one of the places i applied last week (and again yesterday) AND i finally sent an email to the religious college. hey, it could be a good job and its definitely more $. and at least if im going to hate where i work, they might as well pay me more. who knows where that will lead, but the ball is now in their court. huhuh balls.

finally, what i spent way too much time on today: distort martha
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